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Great teams require specific skills and advanced behaviors. They must have shared purpose, trust, a clear mission & strong leaders.

Team Coaching

We focus on process and behavior changes that elevate team performance.

Our TEAMx program.

Our program teaches the 3 Fundamentals of high functioning teams.

Our TEAMx program.

Our program teaches the 3 Fundamentals of high functioning teams.

How it works.


We assess your team on the 3 Fundamentals of Team Success:
1) Team Foundation
2) Team Process
3) Team Relationships
We identify strengths and opportunities for growth. We then determine the best strategies to elevate the performance of the team.


The team meets regularly for coaching sessions to learn the 3 Fundamentals of Team Success. The team leader receives individual coaching to ensure they are holding the team accountable to the new behaviors. Individual coaching for team members is also available.


The team will practice new skills and behaviors learned in the coaching and report to the coach. This provides accountability and on-going opportunities for learning and sharing best practices. We will reevaluate the team, measure progress and adapt our approach to continue on the path to high performance.

“Suzann is the go-to resource for our Executive Team. She provides coaching that allows our team to effectively communicate, focus on what’s important, and provide critical guidance to our entire company.”
Todd McDonald, COO/Corporate President, CSM Group
“Suzann has always been able to strike a unique balance between careful listening and sharing her wealth of experiences. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and unveils helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.”
Heather Martin, Vice President, CSM Group

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